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AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01)

  • Number of Courses6 courses
  • Duration16 hours

This skill path covers all the objectives needed to develop application with Amazon Web Services. You will learn how to develop, deploy and debug cloud-based applications using AWS. Although this path will prepare you to take the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam, it also teaches you practical, hands-on skills for successfully developing with AWS. By the end of this path, you will have mastery and experience with all of the major services in AWS.

Courses in this path

Development with Basic AWS Services

TO NAVIGATE THIS PATH: Our paths follow the same pattern as reading a book in English. Start at the top from the left. Work your way left to right as you work down the page. Left to right and top to bottom. You'll find mixed content modalities with written guides, video content, and practice labs. Some of our certification courses also have a Practice Exam located at the right column of this page. Now let's jump in! Just click on the title of the first learning resource in the top left of the list.

In the first section of the path, you’ll get an introduction to a wide variety of essential AWS services. You’ll get hands-on experience creating resources such as Virtual Private Clouds, EC2 Instances, and RDS databases. By the end of this section, you will have developed a fully-functioning application to AWS.

Developing Further with AWS Services, Deploying, and Refactoring

This section will focus on intermediate AWS techniques, such as setting up domains with Route 53, messaging with Kinesis & SQS, and auto-scaling EC2 applications. There is a heavier focus in this section on programming with the AWS SDK, so expect lots of coding in this section. After this section, you’ll have a deep understanding of the core services in AWS.

Security and Monitoring

In this section, you’ll extend your AWS mastery by covering advanced topics such as building resources with CloudFormation, architecting Serverless applications, and monitoring distributed applications. After completing this section, you’ll be prepared for both the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam and to successfully develop with AWS.

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