Enabling digital transformation through agile learning

How ITC InfoTech stays ahead
with adaptive learning

Building the skills needed to support 6,000+ internal customers as they help global Fortune 500 customers digitally transform takes a modern approach to learning.

That’s exactly what ITC Infotech did. They embraced virtual, self-directed learning with Pluralsight and said goodbye to the classroom.


“Today’s savvy customers are eager to discuss their business challenges AND the technical imperatives around them. Their requirements are quickly advancing to include digital technologies such as mobility, big data, and cloud,” says Sandeep Gupta, Head of Workforce Planning at ITC Infotech. “The increased demand and complexity of business today can quickly lead to a critical skills gap for technical teams.”


Sandeep Gupta
Head of Workforce Planning, ITC Infotech.

As a full-service technology partner, ITC Infotech teams need to be well versed in technologies that support their internal teams as well as their customers. That means the increasing pace of innovation is multiplied and staying on the cutting edge of technology and eliminating skill gaps are business imperatives. Engineers and developers need deep knowledge in a dozen technologies—plus a keen understanding of infrastructure solutions. It’s a blended skill set requiring diverse expertise.

Endless skill development:
an essential strategy

Simply put, in today’s business world, every day requires learning something new.


“Where today 10 percent of our workforce focuses on emerging technologies, over the next three years, we expect that to grow to 50-60 percent of our teams,” said Chief Learning Officer Sanjay Kumar. “With Pluralsight, we’re able to unlock the value of continuous learning, and we don’t have to disrupt current projects to be able to scale up.” 


Sanjay Kumar
Chief Learning Officer

Employees have freedom
and flexibility to grow

“Across the organization, Pluralsight has helped improve efficiency and productivity while growing our technology expertise for new employees, seasoned developers, and cross-training efforts alike. We’ve found it especially useful for assessing the skill sets of our newest team members, which gives us insight needed to place them into personalized learning tracks to support their continued education,” says Ashish Kunhipura, Head of Internal IT.

And there’s more. With Pluralsight, ITC Infotech engineers can choose their own pace of learning, when and where they gain skills, on or offline. That flexibility, usability and convenience are why more employees ask for access to the platform each week. “The skills paths available in Pluralsight are a good guidance mechanism for us. Having well-curated course listings put into sequence makes it easy to manage learning paths across our campuses,” said Sanjay. “And our innovation team is currently experimenting with a project that maps skill paths to business roles for even greater impact.”


An opportunity to enable innovation

Delivering agile learning for agile times is just one way ITC Infotech delivers value.

“Whether we’re looking at big digital transformation projects or simplified self-service engagements, Pluralsight helps individuals quickly navigate their learning curves while shortening lead times to new technology mastery,” says Anand Sukumar, VP and General Manager of Infrastructure Services.

Ultimately, skills mastery helps ITC Infotech scale quickly and prepare their customers to become the next industry disruptors through digital transformation.


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