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InDesign CC for Creative Professionals

  • Number of Courses10 courses
  • Duration29 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

InDesign is a program used by many creative professionals for layout and design. It’s the industry standard for layout and is almost impossible to ignore if you’re creating a multi-page project. In this learning path, you’ll start to master InDesign by learning the fundamentals of the software. You’ll then move onto more specific projects and courses designed to strengthen the foundation of your knowledge by creating stationery, eBooks and interactive PDFs. By the end of these courses, you’ll not only be confident in your technical use of InDesign, but you’ll also gain skills for layout and design techniques.

Courses in this path


The goal of these beginner InDesign courses is to get you familiar with the fundamental skills for using the software. This will teach you some of the most basic things a person needs to know to use InDesign competently.


Once you’re ready for intermediate courses, you’ll build on your foundation by learning how to put your technical skills to use with layout and design tools. This combination of theory and tools is the next step once a graphic designer has a solid foundation of the software.


These advanced level InDesign courses are intended to take the viewer into the next level by spending more time on advanced skills like building DPS apps and interactive PDFs.

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