Skills Labs

Deepen your people's expertise with hands-on labs

What are Labs?

Develop and practice better (or new) skills in secure, hands-on environments

Labs are secure, provisioned environments where learners build a stronger proficiency in a given skill by completing a set of tasks. Labs cover a variety of topics across all domains for learners to choose from.

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Hands-on tasks to progress confidently

Learners can build stronger skills and confidence through compiled sets of hands-on tasks curated for their specific role and goals.

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Secure, provisioned environments

Labs help mitigate any risk to your org’s systems without time-consuming setups by providing learners a secure, real-world environment to practice their skills in.

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950+ labs and counting

Pluralsight offers over 950 labs to help get your organization’s skills project-ready in major tech domains, including cloud (AWS, GCP, and Azure), IT Ops, security, data and software development.

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Validation and feedback

Learners can easily know how they’re progressing and what areas they need to improve on with consistent validation and feedback throughout their skill development journey.

Why Labs?

Develop and practice new skills in a safe,
provisioned environment

With labs, you'll revolutionize how your tech teams learn. Each lab places your teams in a safe, provisioned environment and provides guided instruction that mirrors the tasks they tackle every day. Through learning by doing in real-world scenarios, you'll empower your teams to deliver on your most challenging tech objectives.