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Photoshop for Creative Professionals

  • Number of Courses17 courses
  • Duration39 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

Photoshop is a software program used by many creative professionals, such as Designers, Illustrators, Marketing Creatives, Photographers, Concept Artists, and Hobbyists. This path starts with the basic features and takes you through the advanced features of Photoshop.

Courses in this path


These courses will help learners reach a comfort level when working with basic features of Photoshop. Topics for this fundamental level of learning include concepts like workflow, navigating the interface, making selections, working with Type, using and understanding Camera Raw, and getting a little taste of Bridge and how it works in conjunction with Photoshop.


This section focuses on diving deeper into some core Photoshop skills. Portrait retouching and using Photoshop for the web are vital parts of a designer’s skillset and will be a part of your knowledge base when you’re finished with this section. You’ll also come away with an understanding of using the Smart Objects and the Shape tools.


This section is also a deep dive into Photoshop skills but with a focus on some of the most advanced skills you need. You will have already seen things like Curves and Masks earlier in the path but you may not realize some new and exciting ways to use them that you’ll learn here. You’ll also get a comprehensive understanding of Color Management, 3D, and working with video.

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