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Pluralsight + Nagarro: High growth fuels Nagarro to develop technology skills at scale

We live in a rapidly evolving world with business models being disrupted at every turn.

We live in a rapidly evolving world with business models being disrupted at every turn. To survive, organizations today need to adapt to consumer demands, recruit and retain top talent, and leverage resources efficiently to push boundaries every single day.

And that’s what Nagarro is all about. 

The consulting company advises more than 100 customers, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to new and upcoming ventures across a range of verticals—aviation, banking and financial services, manufacturing and healthcare. The systems they’ve created keep many of the world’s leading businesses running every day. 

Offering innovative solutions that scale

Helping clients thrive in this complex, rapidly changing environment is what excites and motivates the teams at Nagarro. “Our priority is to enable clients to change their businesses,” says Mukund Nair, Director of HR. “We address complex issues and many times, also provide solutions which are complex. We want to provide innovative solutions and contribute to the way businesses run.”

To do this, Nagarro goes beyond traditional IT services to provide large scale delivery of repeatable processes. The company is working on projects like augmented reality solutions for high precision installation, a human-like chat bots that guides airline users and a blockchain that controls supply chain financing. Enabling people to work on projects where they’re constantly pushing themselves, acquiring new skills and becoming more competent professionals is at the heart of what the company believes. 

And with the company growing fast, about 30 percent year over year, it needs to find hiring and training programs that scale. 

“We need to do a lot of lateral hiring” says Kanchan Ray, Vice President of Technology. “Training needs have to also be aligned to scale up. It’s a good thing we have capable people, but we need to train all of them equally. We have to build talent and capacity to meet growth.”

Nagarro at a glance

• Founded in 1996

• Headquartered in Munich, Germany

6,000 employees with offices in over 21 countries

• A software development and business consulting company

• Customers include Lufthansa, Ecova and Mitsubishi Chemical, among others

Making learning part of their culture

Learning is part of Nagarro’s DNA—something that has always been encouraged. Employees have come to realize that along with working on their current projects, learning and acquiring new skills is imperative to keep pace with continuous change. 

“We want to measure outcomes,” says Kanchan. “Learning is no longer an investment question, rather it is an outcomes question. Instead of a push based structure, we want to make it a pull based one, where people want to learn themselves. There has to be a lot of internal motivation.”

Directing employees to the right learning resources is key. Nagarro was looking for a learning partner that offered a wide variety of courses, could provide in-depth knowledge, had excellent instructors and made learning interactive and exciting. They found this in Pluralsight.

Nagarro purchased 400 Pluralsight licenses in 2015. The employees who were exposed to the thousands of courses on Pluralsight loved the platform, and since then, the company has grown their investment to almost 5,000 licenses.

“When we are working on creating a learning plan for our employees, one of our important sources is definitely Pluralsight. Most of our learning plans have a Pluralsight component,” says Mukund.

Being more agile to meet client needs

The Nagarro workforce often find themselves in situations where there is an immediate need from a client on a technology that they’re unfamiliar with, and Pluralsight proves to be the perfect tool to get up to speed quickly.

Employees uses Pluralsight to stay up to date on new software, keep pace with the ever-changing demands, and to learn skills that make them better prepared for day-to-day work and drive more value for clients.

“It is mandatory that we keep ourselves updated to provide the best of solutions,” says Associate Architect of Technology, Gaurav Gupta. “Making the infrastructure seamless and streamlining the development and operation processes are just some examples of the work I need to do. I’ve been using Pluralsight for a year and have done about 12 courses, and I’d like to use it for every project I work on.” 

Tilmann Fingerle, Senior Manager Delivery, has a background in IT, but is involved primarily in engaging with customers and managing critical client relationships.

“When I want to have an intelligent conversation with a client, I use Pluralsight to get an overview of concepts,” says Tilmann.

Nagarro’s clients often need projects completed within aggressive deadlines, and meeting these deadlines is key to the project’s success. Binod Dokania, Associate Director Delivery, once had to provide a timeline for a project that involved Angular 2. This was a framework the team wasn’t very familiar with, so they used Pluralsight to gain the knowledge they needed. This gave Binod a clearer estimate of how long it would take to complete the project and allowed him to assess outcomes accurately.

In another example, a team was working on a casino gaming project and needed to accelerate their work. They mapped the skills the team needed for the project to courses on Pluralsight, and after gaining the knowledge, they were able to deliver the project in three weeks instead of four. 

Driving stronger business outcomes

With Pluralsight, the team at Nagarro feels they have access to a learning platform that is clear, comprehensive and cutting edge. “We are a company looking to deliver great business outcomes using technology,” says Mukund. “To help us deliver these outcomes we need a strong partner who can help us ramp up quickly and push us towards mastery on a variety of topics. On the technology side, Pluralsight has been our trusted partner in helping us achieve these outcomes.”

Working with Pluralsight gives employees access to the resources they want in a platform that can scale. 

“While our people had also been exposed to e-learning in the past, most learning was face to face,” says Kanchan. “Our teams are very distributed and it was very obvious that we needed to have a more efficient system. The response to Pluralsight has been very positive, and I’m a big fan myself.”

With Pluralsight as a partner, Nagarro believes its teams have the right resources to sustain the company’s competitive advantage, drive innovation and delight their clients. 

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