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Unity Game Dev: Art

  • Number of Courses12 courses
  • Duration42 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ
  • Expanded

Game development contains a broad range of disciplines. Now that you are familiar with the Unity Game Engine, you’re going to need art assets to deliver the vision of your next brilliant game. Unity Game Art will take you through the asset creation pipeline and get you comfortable in designing your character concepts, modeling from those concepts, creating your game-ready mesh and finally texturing the character. This path will also take you through similar pipelines in regards to creating props and environment assets. Once you have the character and props, you will learn the basics of bringing these characters to life through rigging and animation. At the end of this path, you will feel comfortable with the game development art pipeline, the various tools involved, and be ready to take your game development to the next level.

Courses in this path


Learn the principles of creating stunning concept pieces for game environments and hero characters. This group of courses will get you comfortable working with concept art and have you move on to modeling and texturing game environments.


Learn how to rig and animate a hero character in Maya and Unity in a game development pipeline.

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