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Unity Game Dev: Programming

  • Number of Courses12 courses
  • Duration16 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ
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Having beautiful art and an idea is never enough in game development. Game developers need to be able to put everything together into a functioning system. Video games don’t work without systems to help maintain and interact with your world. In this skill path, you will learn how to develop the systems that make swords and shovels tick. You will learn how to develop a character controller, inventory system, loot system, a dedicated game manager to store states and situations, enemy AI and more. When this is complete you will feel comfortable building game systems in C# and be ready to start exploring more of what C# inside Unity can do for you.

Courses in this path


In this section you will build out the game managers, scene loaders and the gameplay loop. From there you will begin hammering out the loot system for the game enabling drops, adding glory to your adventure.


In this section, you will hone your coding skills by designing a system to store inventory as it drops. There’s no fun in gaining loot if you can’t drag it around the dungeon with you! From there, you will get the combat system functioning so your users can begin battling baddies!

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