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Unity Virtual Reality Development

  • Number of Courses9 courses
  • Duration13 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

Virtual Reality has a large number of opportunities for developers, from entertainment to enterprise-level applications. Developing Virtual Reality Experiences is a necessary skill in today's competitive environment. The Unity VR Development will help you learn the skills you need to build powerful applications within the Unity game engine. As one of the many facets of mixed reality, this skill is necessary and helpful when considering where to place your application in the mixed reality world.

Courses in this path


Get started learning to develop virtual reality experiences in Unity. Start with understanding how VR can be applied to numerous experiences and what tools are available to you, then move into the fundamentals of creating an experience in Unity. Finally, learn best practices for designing in virtual reality.


Take your skills to the next level by learning how to create object interactions in VR with Unity. You’ll learn how to build rapid prototypes, iterate on the experiences you want to build, and how to move your players around the world.


Finalize your learning journey by picking up advanced skills in virtual reality development. First you’ll learn how to build immersive experiences with stellar audio. Then you’ll learn to make sure your players can interact inside the world. And finally, you’ll learn to keep your experience running smoothly with optimization techniques.

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